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I started investing in precious metals over 25 years ago because one of my clients was in the industry and I learned much listening to the keynote speakers at their conferences.  I also watched the volatility of fiat currencies while gold & silver maintained its buying power, therefore, owning precious metals made a lot of sense to me as well as a way to protect my assets.  I also learned to use gold as money and so when I was introduced to the V999 gold-backed crypto coin & the G999 Ecosystem and saw the phenomenal success of Bitcoins & Ethereum, I didn’t hesitate to purchase some of these coins valued at 0.1 gram of gold.  What I like about the V999 crypto coins is that it is backed by physical gold deposited in bank vaults and audited monthly to be sure there is equal amount of gold backing the value of these coins.  These coins are registered in your name with a # encrypted on each coin.  Click 2x on logo for more info.

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In my journey to wellness, I realized that I could not afford to be sick and thankfully I was introduced to advanced nutritional products by Dr. Wentz, an immunologist & microbiologist, who recognized that our immune system is like a laboratory and if given optimal cellular nutrition, it can fight off any disease that attacks our body.  Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to maintain a strong, healthy immune system but as I entered my 70’s my digestive system was slowing down.  That is how I found Vasayo because they developed a smart enzyme delivery system that ensured their nutrients were absorbed and utilized faster & more effectively. Their Core Complete is an organic superfood blend with a multivitamins & mineral complex that not only agrees with my digestive system but keeps my body humming like a well oiled car.  I can vouch for their mission to deliver solutions to health-conscious consumers who demand superior quality and delivery of key ingredients for optimal product performance.  With Vasayo, the difference is in the delivery…and that makes all the difference!   Click 2x on logo for more info.

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Filling my home with fragrances that uplift & resonate with my being became a regular practice with diffusers in every room but my appreciation of essential oils was limited until my niece told me about the health benefits of doTerra and their stringent standard for purity & quality.  This peaked my interest enough to try their essentials oils and learn more about the doTerra difference.  I liked that many of their oils could be for internal as well as external uses like their lemon drops which gives a refreshing aroma in the mornings but also I could put in my water or teas.  I also love giving gifts and choosing the right scent for that person is such a delight or making my own blend of oils to give as sample to friends & associates.  To know I can trust the integrity of all their products – that’s the doTerra difference to me.  Click twice on logo for more info.



After reading a book by Aleck Bartholomew on the spiritual life of water, its power & purpose, I began to pay more attention to the water I was drinking & bathing in.  In the book, Bartholomew showed the research of Masaru Emoto’s research exposing water to positive & negative words & music causing changes in the crystal formation of the water molecules.  I already purchased an expensive alkaline water machine but after much due diligence, I switched to a hydrogen producing water device, the Neu VG7.  What sold me on the VG7 was the simple technology of producing hydrogen water and understanding that hydrogen is the tiniest molecule able to penetrate the membrane of the mitochondria (more info) known as the powerhouse of the cell.  This matrix is filled with water & protein & keeps the cell full of energy.  Another benefit, is there is no further maintenance once the VG7 device is installed under my sink.  As well a water purifier removes impurities & chlorine in the water, the Neu G7 is specially designed to alter the molecular structure of the water to enhance its energy & act as an antioxidant.  Click 2x on logo for more info.

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Nikola Tesla said that the secret of the universe is energy, frequency & vibration.  That sparked my spiritual instinct to understand exactly what Tesla meant.  I had experiences where I felt & saw my body as an electrical current and became convinced that we are an embodiment of quantum frequencies. Natural frequencies provide life, health & energy but today with our advanced technologies, these man-made frequencies saps our vibrant energies.  Healthy cells with healthy frequencies heal themselves.  What is the solution?  I dsicovered the Quantum 3 solution that restores our healthy body chemistry with increased strength, cell rejuvenation and 5G protection.  Click 2x on logo for more info.

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