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About Me

There are the creators & there are the appreciators of creation.  I’m the latter – a cultural appreciator of creativity & functionality.  I’ve been surrounding myself with arts & crafts that give me much pleasure as well as serve a function in my living space. 

My creative side includes works of art by artists I support in my community & small object d’arts that add enhancement to my place.  I also appreciate functionality like drinking tea & coffee from pottery made by artisans, my Salad Master pots & pans made from surgical steel with a lifetime guarantee.  I love using my pepper shaker because I can hold in one hand and grind the peppercorns.

My vision is to have a place where I surround myself with all things handcrafted by artists & artisans.  As one artist put it, “When you purchase something made by hand, you purchase a piece of the soul of the artist”.

To fulfill my vision I need to be mindful of sustaining my health & procuring a source of wealth to enable me to afford it.  That is why I started my website where I can blog about what gives me much pleasure as well as share some of the products that sustains me in my journey to wealth wellness.

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