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I'm linking David McAlvaney's podcasts on the Golden Rule Radio for some updates on the gold & silver markets. I was introduced to David through his father Don McAlvany when I would help at registration for my client at their precious metal conferences back in the early 90's. I kept one of The McAlvany Intelligence newsletters from May, 1994 when David's dad, Donald, was writing on living with the unexpected and the anatomy of a financial bubble. Reading it today, nothing much has changed except the bubble is now a gargantuan global financial crisis waiting to happen. What to do? Donald's advice in 1994 is the same today, "The key to financial survival over the next 5 years are low or no debt (remember in a depression debt kills), preservation of assets (avoid risk wherever possible) and liquidity, liquidity, liquidity. The more variable you have in your life, in your personal situation, in your investment portfolio or in specific investments, the more that can go wrong and Murphy's law says, "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong". Avoid complex investment schemes. Simplify your lifestyle, your investments and your entire personal situation. This will help you to clear your head, to think better in the coming crisis and to be more flexible. Lean, mean, flexible and able to move quickly or run fast is the condition you want to be in...." This is why I am recommending putting some of your investments in gold & silver and digital currency and familiarizing yourself with digital currency as you would use fiat (paper) money. A wise proverb says, "The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it". Here is the link to David's

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